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CBT/WBT And E-learning Websites Make Learning Easy And Fun
The size of the e-learning market in Western Europe was said to be $358m in 2003 (or some 200m). This is predicted to grow to $994m in 2007. The learning content market is said to the largest single part of this, said a 2003 report 'European...

Get More Done!
In todays global market, the challenge is always to stay competitive by creating a more efficient work environment. For more than a decade, technology has been touted as the obvious answer to help increase productivity. At the same time, I find it...

Let's say you have more than 20 years experience in your chosen field. For the sake of this article, let's say you have been in the nonprofit field for 25 years and are at the very top of your game. And let's say you're a bit bored with the hum-drum...

Time Management--Urgent vs. Important
Its just been one of those daysI cant seem to get anything done! Ive got way too many things on my To-Do List. Oh the list started out innocently enough as a single handwritten column on one sheet of lined paper; but now its grown to a...

Ways to Make Money
What are the best ways to make money? If you answered, "a job", then you have been brainwashed like most Americans into believe that working for a company is the best way to make money. It is absolutely NOT one of the best ways to make...

The Six C's Of Effective Communication

The Six C's Of Effective Communication

Effective communication is the key to winning. You should always remember following six C's for having superb communication skills: -

· Clarity: Whether in writing or speaking the clarity is one of the most important parameters. Clarity can come through focused approach and needless to say, depth of knowledge.

· Completeness: Each sentence that you write or speak should be complete. At times we have a tendency to think that it is needless to add few things and assume that the listener or the reader must be knowing it but that assumption may not be correct.

· Conciseness: Speak or write to an extent demanded by the circumstances or the situation nothing more or nothing less.

· Confidence: Just remember even if you make a wrong statement with confidence it will probably be taken by the audience, however, if you are not confident nothing will be taken at the face value and probably you will not get a chance to complete your speech. Have confidence in you and show it by adopting correct postures and tone.

· Correctness: What

ever you say should be supported by data, quotes, or proper references.

· Courtesy: Try to be polite but still be authoritative in your approach. Do not ever play with the sentiments of the listeners. Have accommodation for their point of thinking and do not out rightly reject them.

Most Important Words In Communication

Here I would like to give you most important words to be used in communication which will improve your interpersonal skills positively: -

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About the author:

Author, Professor Anil Kumar, has 28 years of experience in the field of Teaching and Management. He is M. Tech from IIT Kanpur and has worked in different capacities including Signal corps Indian Army, Regional Manager for a Telecom Company. Currently he is Associate Professor with ITM, Gurgaon, India, that is rated as best engineering colleges of North India. His interests include overall and balanced development of the Students.


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