Preparing For An Interview

When preparing for an interview, you need to know your skills, experiences and achievements, and how to answer interview questions.

Your Skills Become an expert about yourself. Before you wrote your resume, you probably prepared a list of skills, experiences and achievements. If not, then it’s a good idea to take some time and prepare one. Continue reading

Staying In Shape

Why Lawyers Should Eat Bananas by Simon Tupman is a book that caught my eye both because of its unusual title and because I coach lawyers who are growing their practices. The book cover says it gives “Inspirational Ideas for Lawyers Wanting More Out of Life”

Much of what Mr. Tupman writes about is appropriate career advice for anyone, lawyer, business person or manager . He is an advocate of “Working smarter not harder” and so am I. I really liked his list of attributes for smart workers and number 8 on the list particularly appealed to me because it underscores much of what I say to my clients. Continue reading

A Career In Medical Assisting

My name is Danni R, and I am a certified medical assistant and online educator. I am writing this article to introduce you to an exciting career in the allied health profession that has existed for quite a long time but is just recently gaining the attention and recognition it deserves. I am talking about a career in medical assisting! Continue reading

What Can I Do To Improve My Job-Interviewing Skills?

Whether you’re a student job seeker or a polished and proven executive, the first thing you must come to terms with is, “Regardless of the position you seek, you are now in sales!” The product you are selling is YOU! The interview is your opportunity to differentiate yourself in the eyes of your customer [the interviewer] when compared to your competitors [other job applicants]. Continue reading

How To Get Promoted – Take Control Of Your Destiny!

It Is Up To You

So, you want to get promoted. The possibility really lies in your own hands. Remember the trite but true saying, “If it is to be, it is up to me!” Don’t wait for things to happen. Set yourself apart from the crowd and make things happen. Most people look outward for success. They look for someone else to appreciate them, someone else to promote them, someone else to motivate them. Success is not external shining in, it is internal radiating out. If you look for other people to define your success or happiness, you will never find your full measure of either. If you want a promotion, set up the conditions to get promoted. Don’t dwell on your limitations or what you can’t do. Instead, look to magnify and capitalize on your strengths and potential. Spend energy focusing on finding Incremental Advantages and changing and improving areas you can. Big success is built on a series of small successes. Continue reading

Take the Personal Out of the Workplace: Leave Your Troubles at the Door!

Bringing your emotional baggage into the work place is inappropriate for all the reasons you may imagine. Yet employees, managers and business owners do it all the time.

The question is, how do you handle it? How do you look at your manager and think, “No one is going to tell me what to do!” What if a client, peer or prospect gets you on a Bad Day?

How do you take the personal out of the workplace? Continue reading

So You Want To Be a Nurse When You Grow Up?

You’re interested in becoming a nurse. How do you get into the field? First of all, you need to assess your basic interest. Why do you want to get into nursing? Are you getting ready to graduate from high school and always wanted to be a nurse? Do you want to go into nursing, because a relative is in the profession or your family has a tradition of graduating nurses, and it seems like the right thing to do? Nursing seems like a nice secure profession-the pay attracts you? You’ve always liked helping others and you care a lot? Continue reading

Online Resume Tips and Secrets


I manage a website for corporate flight attendants that features resumes prominently listed on the first page of the site. Unlike some careers, corporate flight attendants must promote themselves overtly in order to find work especially if they are contractors. Since adding this feature two years ago, I have learned that an online copy must be arranged differently than that of a hard copy primarily for security reasons. Let’s review some of the ‘best practices’ you need to accomplish in order to successfully and safely promote yourself online. Continue reading