Top 10 Super Job Interview Tips

Use these interview tips for job hunting success!

It's a tough job market out there today. And gettingthe job you want requires more than just a killerresume. In other words, you can't just sell yourself onpaper. You also have to be able to do it inperson--in a face-to-face job interview.

Here are a few interview tips to help you make a greatimpression on the person who interviews you.

1. Market your skills and related experience in the fieldthat you are applying for. Be sure to do it in a waythat is positive, but not cocky or aggressive.

2. Research the company before your interview. It's agreat way to know where you would fit into theorganization. It also lets the employer know that youreally want to be a part of the company.

3. Prepare answers to common interview questions ahead oftime, and practice saying them, so you aren't stumpedduring the interview.

4. Dress for success, in the manner you would dress forthe position you're seeking.

5. Bring a list of your own questions with you in a folderwith the company's name on it, so that you don't forgetthem. You should keep your extra resumes in there too.

6. Be a good listener and focus. Some job seekers talk toomuch during interviews.

7. Be prepared to describe your weaknesses as strengths.For example, saying that you are overenthusiastic aboutperforming at your best.

8. Make eye contact with your interviewer.

9. Don't volunteer your personal opinions to yourinterviewer about any subjects unless you are asked.

10. Try to establish a good rapport with your interviewer.Be casual but professional, and most importantly BEYOURSELF! Take the time to implement these interviewtips before your next job hunt. It'll give you a leg upon your competition!

Kathi MacNaughton, a freelance writer and editor, hasyears of management and recruitment experience. Fortips & advice on writing powerful resumes, see 2004 Kathi MacNaughton. All rights reserved.


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