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Advancing Women in Leadership Online Journal
Volume 23, Spring 2007

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Advancing Women in Leadership On-line Journal was launched in 1997 with the intent of publishing manuscripts that report, synthesize, review, or analyze scholarly inquiry that focuses on women's issues.  The intent of this journal is to encourage and support the proliferation of women in positions of leadership in all aspects of professional and corporate America .  In the encouragement of advancing women in leadership, we present the following manuscripts.  They are:

Women and Leadership in Corporate Australia : Questions of Preference and "Adaptive Preference" by James Doughney

Entrepreneurial Skills in Academia: A Curriculum for Teaching Proposal Writing to Female Graduate Students by Katherine Selber, William B. Selber, and Dexter Freeman

Motivators and Inhibitors for Women Superintendents by Sandra Harris

Women Leaders and Spirituality by Sandra Harris, Julia Ballenger, and April Jones

Designing a Conference for Women Entering Academe in the Sciences and Engineering by Jonathan Howarth, Pardha Pyla, Beth Yost, Yonca Haciahmetoglu, Deb Young, Robert Ball, Stelios Lambros, and Peggy Layne

The Role of Forgiveness in the Leadership Practices of Women Leaders in Higher Education by Beverlyn Grace-Odeleye and Bramwell Osula

Gender and Network Structures of Social Capital in Professional-Client Relationships by Yuliani Suseno, Ashly Pinnington, and John Gardner

Testimonies of Exemplary Caribbean Women Educational Leaders by Dennis Conrad and Deborah Conrad

Entrepreneurial Career Development: Using Human Capital, Social Capital, and Distance Education to Achieve Success by Connie Reimers-Hild, Susan Fritz, and James King

Women in Leadership: Rocky Road to the Superintendency by Michelle Hickey-Gramke

An Exploration of the Trust-Commitment Cultural Model and Its Role in the Success of Women Entrepreneurs by Jack Davis, David Vequist, and Ronald Merrell

Prime Minister Mrs. Margaret Thatcher Advancing Gender Equality: Recruitment, Roles, Pay, and Pensions in the Armed Forces by Glen Segell

Elizabeth Cady Stanton's Philosophy of Social Justice in Education by Brigid Beaubien and Karen Tonson

Our intent is that this journal is viewed as a professional publication site for scholarly inquiry and perspectives that promote gender equity and advance women in leadership.  It is our hope that you find this issue of Advancing Women in Leadership thought provoking, enjoyable, and that you look forward to subsequent issues.  Suggestions for improvement, encouragement, and submission for upcoming issues are welcomed and appreciated.  Genevieve Brown, Ed.D. & Beverly J. Irby, Ed.D. Editors

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