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Use Jade as a tool to draw money and success

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   Goodness. Surely you know that there is something besides what we can see and feel, that guides us towards money and success. And as a gambler, you also know that you have good and bad days. Jade is easy to obtain, nicer to wear, in a ring or pendant, although the unpolished stone has a lot more effect. It does not cost a lot of money and simply adds to the tools you need to be successful in a casino,winning money or in business, calling more of the paper we need to put in a bank account.

The Chinese are very wise people. They splash jade all over their offices, in their wallets, in their business and on the desk. Even the street vendor at a nightmarket will have some jade with them.

I do not sell jade, just tell you about it. A Guru is supposed to be a wise one sharing wisdom. I am the Guru at Silver Dollars casino. And I tell you. When you log in to any casino to play, make sure that you have some jade with you. Hold it in your left hand to receive good luck. Put it in your right hand when you want to give someone an added push towards luck or success.

Treat the stone nicely. Cover it in coarse salt and leave it on a windowsill for a day. Rinse it with cool water adterwards, then leave it on a towel to dry. This clear any negative energies from the stone.

The next step is a bit of faith. Hold the jade in your hand and visualise that you are going to win. Our minds are wicked. If you doubt that you might have a chance to make money at a casino, stay away. Negativety draws bad luck.

Sit back, have fun and relax. Play and rub your piece of jade from time to time.Magic will make you a believer as you watch your bankroll grow.

About two years ago, I woke up with a really bad pain in the neck.Rubbing gel into the area didnt help. I decided to try and con my brain into forgetting about the pain but it was really sore. Logging into a casino, I played a game, which had a very handsome jackpot payout.

Yes, I do have some jade next to my computer. I looked at this jackpot and thought for a minute that the chances of it paying out should be slim. Then a thought entered my mind. SilverGuru, you always tellingpeople to belive. Why do you not do the same? I am sure that jade spoke to me. I figured that nothing vetures was nothing gained. And for a measly few dollars, I WON that jackpot.

Try it. How would you know if it works if you not prepared to?

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