5 cardinal rules every empowered woman must follow


Controversy surrounding women’s rights and issues has been popular within the media lately, and there is no better time to combat these issues then by celebrating the success and fearlessness of women today. Whether you’re a business owner, a stay-at- home-mom, or climbing the corporate ladder, all women deserve praise and should continue to shine everyday with these cardinal rules in their arsenal.

Below are 5 cardinal rules that every empowered woman must follow:

1. Do not look outside of yourself for validation or permission to be great. Acknowledge that you are enough just as you are without anybody else’s approval.

2. Focus more on what you have than what you’re lacking. When you focus on what you’re lacking, you deplete the energy needed to focus on what you do well and how your strengths can support your dreams and aspirations. So spend your time wisely focused on what you do well.

3. Avoid procrastination and perfection paralysis. Consistent action is the only way you can create the reality you desire. That means you can’t sit on your ideas, you must execute them. Get started now and make it better later.

4. Upgrade your internal dialogue. Don’t spend time fueling your own head-trash. Instead, shift your dialogue to be positive, empowering, and supportive of your dreams and goals.

5. Fail fast and move on. Failure does not define you, it only helps to shape you. So instead of avoiding risks for fear of failure, take the risks quick and often. Learn the lessons from failures and propel your growth.

By walking through your everyday life with these cardinal rules as your pillars you are not only helping yourself, but you’re also taking the first strides to influencing future generations. It is important to remember that young girls are constantly looking for empowered women to emulate and it’s imperative to make sure the example we set is something we want to see mirrored from future generations of women.

Remember, an empowered woman is a woman who walks in her greatness without apologies, who makes time to discover her passion and purpose, who intentionally impacts the world with her unique gifts, who serves her community as a leader and role model, and who makes her faith, her family, and her self-care a priority.

About Cheryl Wood


Cheryl Wood is a compelling thought leader and international keynote speaker who has a commitment to support the personal development and economic empowerment of women globally. Wood is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and business coach who has impacted the lives of thousands of women through her life-changing principles of FEARLESS living.  She specializes in equipping women to stretch their thinking, expand their expectations, and play bigger in life.