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Picking the best time of year to start a home business





   So you've decided to start your own home based business: but when should you do it?

The best season to start a home business

You may not think it, but the time of year you choose to start your home business can have an impact on how well you do. Just before Christmas, for example, is a quiet time for many businesses, so unless you're selling something seasonal, it may not be the best time to pack in the day job and start up on your own.

Most people are short of cash around Christmas time: they've spent all their money on gifts, and they're just about to spend all their energy on entertaining family and making the most of the holiday season. The last thing they want is to do is read marketing material from a new home based business, so your carefully worded and expensively designed flier is probably going to go straight into the bin, along with the leftover turkey.

When it comes to starting a home business, then, January is a better bet. The New Year is traditionally the time of resolution making (and breaking!) businesses are just as likely to resolve to do better in the new year as the rest of us are.

One common resolution people make is to find a new job, and that's why many businesses spend the first part of January struggling to fill vacancies created by staff acting on resolutions of their own. This means that many companies start the new year short of staff, so if your business offers a particular service they need, now could be a great time to introduce yourself.

Why springtime could be the best time to start your home business

Spring is traditionally a time of change and growth, and psychologically at least, that could make it a great time to think about quitting your day job and starting a home based business. The longer days and increased sunlight will make you feel revitalised and ready for a new challenge. Whereas winter is a time of hibernation, with the end of the season comes a change in mood and motivation, and that could be all you need to make a start on your home based business.

Spring is also when most businesses reach the end of their tax year. They may have some of last year's budget burning a hole in their pockets, or they could have a whole new budget to play with. Either way, this could be the best opportunity you'll get to introduce your new home business and convince them to give it a shot.

Why summer is rarely a good time to start a home business

Summer can be a slow time for business. People are too busy thinking about their vacation or making the most of the sunshine to shop for goods and services, so unless your home business is a travel agent or ice cream store, it may not be a good time to start. Wait instead for fall: the beginning of the new school year is another time when people start to think about making a new start - could you be one of them, with your new home business?

About the author:

Amber McNaught is a copywriter offering a SEO article writing service through her business, Hot Igloo Productions Ltd.

Amber is also the author of the ebook 'PR Power: How to Write a Killer Press Release', and a co-owner of networking group Business Buzz

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