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Comprehensive Guide to Affiliate Marketing Home Business





   Affiliate Marketing is a billion dollar industry. Every year more and more people log on to learn how to begin an Internet based Home business. Many get "lost" wandering and spending hard earned cash trying out many of the bizz opps that are found on the net. Most of which are soon found to be "fly by night" operations. And many more are MLM's that very few earn a $1 from!

I have experienced all of the above myself. Wasn't fun... Then I stumbled onto Affiliate Marketing information. I read quiet a bit and asked a lot of questions. One person told me that commerce was "out" on the Internet. People just did not go online to buy "things". Wrong....Statistics prove that with the growth of Internet security features and the continuing growth of Affiliate Programs that the estimated sales online will exceed 26 billion in 2006! From 1999 to the fourth quarter of 2004 the e-commerce sales increased from 5 billion to 17 billion!

Once I was convinced that e-commerce and affiliate programs were legitimate I had to learn How to operate a web based Affiliate Home Business. Now, that is always the kicker! Learning How to do something is the most tedious, long term learning curve to endure! Reason being....there are Tons of tutorials on the Internet about starting an affiliate business. Literally...TONS! I bought several. All of the tutorials held great content. But most just offer a portion of the "Have to know" in them. And very few offer step by step instructions and continued, updated support.

Finally, after buying, reading and studying so many facts published by different successful affiliate marketers, I learned about James Martell's Affiliate Training Manual. It took me a couple months of return visits but I finally got up the nerve and bought his training manual. You will not find a more comprehensive, step by step manual than this! With baby-step instructions, screen shots and detailed how-to steps, anyone can understand and follow!

The best part is that he teaches you the "build it and forget it" concept. You don't have to keep tweaking and adding content to a site for years to come. Build it once, publish it to the web and move on to the next. Let the sites you build work for you. Not work You...

About the author:

Learn facts about Affiliate Marketing Home based businesses online Angela Cardwell Owner/Manager


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