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Ever had that perfect life when everything seems perfect yet you wanna die. I am in the situation where I have the perfect imperfect world. I have a daughter which might not be mine after 6 years of believing she is, I have a girlfriend who is so imperfect she is perfect for me. A son well he is only 8 months old and he seems to be the only perfect balance at the moment.

My girlfriend doesnt know what she wants in life and with the internet at my finger tips it doesn't help me much why cause its not perfect. I discovered many months ago that everyone is the best advisor in the world "dropping" you into a world of dispair and not knowing anything about you. You have to sit and master your own self before you can master your abilities and knowing what you want in life. I am the first to advise someone as to what they need to do in life yet my life is not right yet.

I sat the other day thinking to myself that I have the abilty to defy the law of gravity but I need to find a sense of balance between perfect and imperfect. I need both in my life in order to have the perfect BALANCED life. Everyone strives to find the perfect life but without imperfection you will never find it. You have to accept the fact that life offers challeages that can imperfectly perfectly improve your self worth.

Once you have accepted this only then you will really know who you are and what you are worth to yourself and others. Now that I might have confused you and maybe even opened your eyes to another offer of plains life has to offer you may thank me someday or even think what a nut case, well the anser to both is thank you, why cause you have now made the correct assumption that evryone is different and that we all need to be like this in order to make the world perfect. Now that I have this off my chext I thank you for raeding and hope that you may learn from this and find YOUR balance.

Jaco Els - Long time searcher for perfection

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