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It'n not Obvious

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It's not Obvious

For some people, the path to career growth is easy and
well organized, but for most of us it's more
difficult. Family, spouses, education, employment
experience and other interests all come to bear on the
decisions that shape our career paths. In fact, at any
one moment your career path may not seem particularly
obvious. We all know people with "A personalities" and
the overarching ambition, which guides their careers,
but what of the rest of us? Is a strategic approach to
career development worthwhile for those of us with
conflicts in our lives? Of course it is!

The first step in developing a career strategy
is to take inventory of your career assets and
liabilities. Where are you a leader, and where
are you more of a follower? Be honest. It's
important that you identify your career strengths, but
it's even more important to know about your
weaknesses. In particular, look for places where you
are a follower. This is where you can grow the most.
But remember: while you take this inventory, make
no judgments about yourself. Look at yourself with
open eyes. Because you are building a personal career
map, integrity is essential. Everyone imitates other
people; it's a pervasive part of social interaction.
What's not obvious is that people often feel
uncomfortable following others. It makes them feel
dependent or inferior, but learning

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leadership starts with a complete understanding of
what it means to be a follower.

The second step in developing a career startegy is to
look carefully at your emotions about following:
they're a key to career development. What inspires
you? What makes you feel uncomfortable? What do you
want and what keeps you from going after it with all
the tools you can find? These questions all point to
the emotions of being a follower. And, it's not
obvious why your career is on hold until you look at
the feelings that are holding you back.

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