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Advancing Women In Leadership


Volume 1, Number 2, Fall & Winter 1997 - 1998

As AWL readers will recall, the first issue of the journal was composed of invited papers. This issue was the first reviewed issue. The editors and publisher greatly appreciate our colleagues at the University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS, for providing the initial pilot for the reviews and editorial procedures for this new journal. In particular, we appreciate the mentoring of Dr. Larry Daniel, Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Research and Co-Editor of the professional journal, Educational and Psychological Measurement. The reviewers for this pilot are experienced women in leadership positions and worked closely with Dr. Daniel. We appreciate their feedback on the process of review. The review team consisted of Janice Thompson, Field Experiences Supervisor and former Acting Assistant Director for Field Experiences, USM (; Lisa Williams, Teaching Assistant, Department of Human Performance and Recreation (; Sue Roche, Educational Technology Consultant/Owner Infotectives (; Althea Jackson, former Director of Student Activities, MS Valley State University (; and Dr. Kimberly Griffith, Assistant Professor, Department of Professional Pedagogy, Lamar University, Beaumont, TX (E-mail: We sincerely appreciate USM's assistance in the first round of reviews and the establishment of procedures for the review process for the journal.

This issue addresses a variety of concerns of women and of society. Four of the articles target the experiences of women in leadership, two of the articles offer insights on the dilemmas facing professional women, and one article discusses the spread of HIV among Black women. In the first article, Wesson explores the dilemmas of women in leadership, sharing facts and figures on gender stratification. Next, Watkins, Herrin and McDonald discuss strategies used by women to combine career and family. Cannella, in the third article, examines postmodern perspectives and methodologies that can be tied to multicultural education in the pursuit of social justice. A study on the national status of women's educational administrative support organizations is discussed by Irby and Brown in the fourth article. Gupton and Del Rosario describe and analyze a few of the more significant federally funded initiatives related to increasing sex equity, paying particular attention to those aimed at improving the status of women aspiring to or currently in educational administration. Community-based intervention and education for preventing the spread of HIV among Black women is discussed by Geyen, et al in the sixth article. In the final journal entry, Griffith and Thompson review Gupton and Slick's book, Highly Successful Women Administrators: The Inside Story of How They Got There.

We hope you enjoy the second issue of Advancing Women in Leadership in its entirety and that you look forward to the subsequent issues to be published in Spring, Summer, and Fall of 1998. We want this journal to serve women and girls around the world and to be viewed as a professional publication site for the scholarly inquiry that advances women in leadership. We always welcome suggestions of topics for upcoming issues and encourage the submission of manuscripts. (See the Call for Manuscripts/Publication Guidelines for details.)

Genevieve Brown, Ed.D. and Beverly J. Irby, Ed.D.

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AWL Journal Volume 1, Number 2, Winter 1998

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