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Dividing Line
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Dividing Line

Advancing Women In Leadership


Gretchen Glasscock
Dr. Genevieve Brown
Dr. Beverly J. Irby
Sam Houston State University
Editorial Advisory Board
Gracia A. Alkema
Corwin Press, Inc.
A Sage Publications Company
Dr. Joy Carter
Chief Medical Examiner
Harris County, Houston, TX
Dr. Birgitta Fringes
Professor and Researcher, Molecular Pathology
Justus-Liebig-Universitat Giessen, Germany
Dr. Maxine Greene
Author & Distinguished Educator
Teachers College, Columbia University
Dr. Amy Freeman Lee
National Award-Winning Artist
Margaree Mitchell
National Award-Winning Children's Author
D Matteson Pascal
Senior Program Officer
The Meadows Foundation
Dr. David Sadker
Author and Distinguished Educator
American University
Laurinda Spear
International Award-Winning
Architect and Founder of Arquitectonica
Editorial Review Board
Dr. Gypsy Abbott
University of Alabama, Birmingham
Dr. Janice Beal
Texas A&M University, Prairie View
Dr. Norvella Carter
Illinois State University
Dr. Joanne Cooper
University of Hawaii
Dr. Maxine Cooper
University of Melbourne, Australia
Dean Kenneth Craycraft
Sam Houston State University
Dr. Dashiel Geyen
Sam Houston State University
Dr. Minerva Gorena
NCBE, The George Washington University
Dr. Sandra Gupton
University of Southern Mississippi
Ann Halstead
Texas Council of Women School Executives &
Texas Association of School Administrators
Dr. Sandra Hollingsworth
San Jose State University
Dr. Johnetta Hudson
University of Missouri-Kansas City
Dr. Janis Faye Hutchinson
University of Houston
Dr. Janice Koch
Hofstra University
Dr. Rafael Lara-Alecio
Texas A&M University
Dr. Patricia Larke
Texas A&M University
Dr. Ping Liu
San Diego State University
Dr. Robin Lock
San Francisco State University
Dr. Rosita Marcano
Northern Illinois University
Dr. Patricia Mathes
Florida State University
Dr. Jim Merchant
Sam Houston State University
Book Review Editor
Joyce A. Mullett
Author & Artist
President, Houston Women's Caucus for Art
Deb Nyberg
Publisher and Owner of
Image Media, Women in Business Cyberspace Field of Dreams, & Cybernetnews
Dr. Linda Orozco
Coastline College and University of California, Irvine
Dr. Rosemary Papalewis
California State University
Rocio Pellezer
Guatemala, Central America
Dr. Pam Sandoval
Indiana University, Northwest
Dr. Sandra Tonnsen
University of South Carolina
Karen Tonso
University of Colorado, Boulder
Naomi Tropp
National Speaker, Author, and Website Designer
Rev. Terri Weber-Rodriguez
United Methodist Church, Huntsville, Texas

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AWL Journal Volume 1, Number 3, Summer 1998

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Dividing Line
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Dividing Line

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