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Advancing Women In Leadership


Advancing Women in Leadership On-line Journal was launched in 1997 with the intent of publishing manuscripts that report, synthesize, review, or analyze scholarly inquiry that focuses on women's issues. It is meant to spread hope through knowledge, recognizing women's place as a vital key player in today's society throughout the world. It is our pleasure and privilege to bring to you seven manuscripts that do just that. They are:

Teaching Under a Glass Ceiling: A Study of Gender Equity in Federal Education Career Fields by Bud Baker, Scott Graham, and Scott Williams

The Price of Success: Senior Academic Women's Stress and Life Choices by Eugenia Proctor Gerdes

Legitimated Violence in Schools: The Power Behind the Paddle by Sharon Shockley Lee

Conversation and Voice: Feminist Mentoring for Social and Political Change by Kathleen S. Sernak and Jill P. May

Visionary Leaders by Design by Dr. Paula S. Montgomery and Dr. Roslin Growe

When the Wrong Woman Wins: Building Bullies and Perpetuating Patriarch by Penelope W. Brunner and Melinda L. Costello

Struggling for Authentic Human Synergy and a Robust Democratic Culture: The Wellspring Community for Women in Educational Leadership by Catherine E. Hackney and Diane Runnestrand

Our intent is that this journal is viewed as a professional publication site for scholarly inquiry and perspectives that promote gender equity and advance women in leadership. It is our hope that you find this issue of Advancing Women in Leadership thought provoking, enjoyable, and that you look forward to subsequent issues. Suggestions for improvement, encouragement, and submission for upcoming issues are welcomed and appreciated. Genevieve Brown, Ed.D. & Beverly J. Irby, Ed.D. Editors


Copyright Advancing Women in Leadership holds the copyright to each article; however, any article may be reproduced without permission, for educational purposes only, provided that the full and accurate bibliographic citation and the following credit line is cited: Copyright (year) by the Advancing Women in Leadership, Advancing Women Website, www.advancingwomen.com; reproduced with permission from the publisher. Any article cited as a reference in any other form should also report the same such citation, following APA or other style manual guidelines for citing electronic publications.

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