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Publisher: Gretchen Glasscock CEO/President, AdvancingWomen.com

Editors: Dr. Genevieve Brown Dr. Beverly Irby Sam Houston State University

Assistant Editor: Rose Lee Seidel

Editorial Review Board

Dr. Gypsy Abbott  University of Alabama-Birmingham

Dr. William M. Alexander  California Polytechnic State University

Dr. Gracia Alkema   President, Corwin Press, Inc., A Sage Publication Compnay

Dr. Janice Beal  Beal Counseling Associates

Dr. Maenette Benham  Michigan State University

Dr. C. Cryss Brunner  University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Michelle Collay   Bay Area Coalition for Equitable Schools

Dr. Joanne Cooper   University of Hawaii

Dr. Geni Cowan   California State University-Sacramento

Adrienne D. Dixson North Carolina State Universtiy

Dr. Claudia B. Douglass Central Michigan University

Dr. P. Kay Duncan  Emporia State University

Dr. Stacey Edmonson Sam Houston State University

Dr. Amy Freeman Lee  National Award-Winning Artist

Dr. Carole Funk Sam Houston State Universtiy

Dr. Minerva Gorena   NCELA, The George Washington University

Dr. Marilyn Grady  University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Dr. Sandra Gupton  University of Southern Mississippi

Dr. Jean M. Haar  University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Dr. Sandy Harris  Stephen F. Austin State University

Dr. Sandra Hollingsworth  San Jose State University

Dr. Johnetta Hudson  University of North Texas

Dr. Janice Hutchinson  University of Houston

Dr. Janice Koch  Hofstra University

Dr. Rafael Lara-Alecio  Texas A& M University

Dr. Sandra Lowery   Stephen F. Austin State University

Dr. Ping Liu  California State University-Long Beach

Dr. Robyn Lock   San Fancisco State University

Dr. Rosita Marcano  Northern Illinois University

Dr. Patricia Mathes  University of Texas-Houston

Dr. Linda Orozco  California State University-Fullerton

Dr. Rosemary Papalewis  California State University-Sacramento

D. Matteson Pascal  The Meadows Foundation, Senior Program Officer

Dr. Diane Pollard  University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Dr. Barbara Polnik Sam Houston State University

Dr. Becky Ropers-Huilman  Louisiana State University

Dr. Isabel Royo Universidad Iberoamericana, Puebla, Mexico

Dr. David Sadker American University, Author and Distinguished Educator

Dr. Pam Sandoval  Indiana University-Northwest

Dr. Jane Strachan  University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand

Dr. Sandra Tonnsen  University of South Carolina

Dr. Karen Tonso  Wayne State University

Rev. Terry Weber-Rodriguez  Epworth-Parker Unithed Methodist Church, Houston, Texas

Dr. Robert Williams  Sam Houston State University

Dr. Rose Lyn Zanville  President, Lyn Zanville, Inc., Leadership Specialist

Guest and Past Reviewers

Dr. Joanne Ardovini-Brooker

Dr. Joy Carter

Dr. Norvella Carter

Maxine Cooper

Dr. Ken Craycraft

Dr. Sally Craycraft

Dr. Jo Ann Duffy

Dr. Alice Fisher

Dr. Brigitta Fringes

Dr. Dashiel Geyen

Dr. Maxine Greene

Ann Halstead

Dr. Jeanine Hirtle

Dr. Claudia Iselt

Dr. Patricia Larke

Sharon Lenhart

Dr. Jim Merchant

Margaree Mithcell

Joy Mullett

Deborah Nyberg

Rocio Pellezer

Dr. Charol Shakeshaft

Laurinda Spear

Naomi Tropp

Dr. Pam Zelbst

Dr. Robin McGrew-Zoubi



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