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gretcheng moderator

With the arrival of April, as the earth transitions into Spring, and AdvancingWomen.com enters its 19th year on the Net, AdvancingWomen itself will be making a transition. As AdvancingWomen’s founder and publisher, I will be moving on to a new phase in my life, but still taking great pride in the continuing mission, heritage and goals of AdvancingWomen.

AdvancingWomen was the first site on the Net to champion gender equity and the first to create an online journal about women in leadership studies, the Advancing Women in Leadership Journal. We have impacted and continue to impact users, not only in places like New York and California but in places where women may be on a different stage of their journey to full equity – places like Dubai, Singapore, China and India. We are grateful for the progress the women’s community has made in the past 19 years and we are very proud that AdvancingWomen has been a driving force in this transformation and historic progression on the broad spectrum of women’s ability to succeed. 

Our work has been a team effort, much enhanced by the contributions of Journal editors, Dr. Beverly Irby and Dr. Genevieve Brown and the contributions of articles from women and scholars from all over the world. Just as our work has helped shape voices on the web, progress on laws and institutions, feedback and support from you, our users, continues to shape us and the voice of AdvancingWomen.

In the days and months to come, the new leadership and incoming team will begin to introduce themselves. I know they are passionate, as all of us are, about continuing our tradition of service and contributing the education and tools to support each of us in meeting our goals.

I will be taking some time for family and travel….. new adventures and frontiers… but I remain committed, as always, to the goals AdvancingWomen has set and its unique place in women’s journey to full equity

Gretchen Glasscock, Founder and Publisher